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Dr. Supervised and Monitored

Unlike many nutrition programs, your personalized nutrition program is developed by a board certified doctor. Working in conjunction with you doctor, the two of you will build a nutrition plan that works for you.  It works, because your plan is based on:

  • Your Needs
  • Your Goals
  • The Foods You Enjoy

Throughout your nutrition program participants have seriel lab monitoring that measure levels of lipids, insulin, and inflamation.

This isn’t a diet fad.  It’s a lifestyle change.

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Meal Plans

  • Designed with your doctor
  • Around Your Needs
  • For Your Goals

Dr. Approved

  • Not a Fad!
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Sustainable Health


  • Your Level of Activity
  • Not just Rabbit Food
  • Allows for the Foods you Enjoy