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The VESy Lab Difference

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The VESy Lab is:

a boutique fitness and nutrition center with physician supervised nutrition programs for everyone regardless of your goals. Weight loss, mental clarity, energy and productivity or simply making the changes necessary to get off of blood pressure meds or diabetes meds.  Of course, avoiding the need for those kinds of medications is the best plan and worth the investment.

  • A beautiful Pilates Studio
  • We have Reno’s most talented Massage therapists and Pilates Instructors
  • We offer Tia Chi, Yoga, and Medication



We have a state of the art Reformer Pilates studio and certified instructors to help you build a new you.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Our Pfilates program helps individuals overcome incontinence and recover pelvic health.

Massage and meditation

Let your body, mind, and spirit recover in one of our massage or meditation rooms!