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Introducing VESy Health:

VESy Health is a new concept. It is a membership practice of a very small number of patients that receive exceptional health care.

VESy Health has largely been inspired by the Covid pandemic. What we offer is a combination of three things

  • Private Concierge Medical Services: I.E. you have a private doctor with only 200 patients that can really focus on you and be available to you.  Each client has a customized health plan derived from a detailed assessment of medical risk factors, weight management, fitness, and a nutrition program.  Very few people have experienced the benefits of having a private concierge doctor but once they do the value is obvious.  This is a great way to invest in yourself.
  • Telemedicine: Immediate access to your doctor from wherever you are is wonderful thing. Our patients are generally seen the day they call, and their problems addressed.  So rather than waiting for an appointment at your doctor’s office later in the week or later you are receiving care now.
  • House Calls: This used to be how people received healthcare. Back in the 1930s 40% of medical visits took place in a patient’s home.  It is not possible to do that if your doctor has thousands of patients and insurance companies don’t pay for it.   When you need to be seen in person, we (my medical assistant and I) come to you.  So again, we are avoiding having you travel to a doctors office, sit in a busy waiting room with sick patients, and then drive to a pharmacy.  Your privacy and safety are our main focus.

When you combine The VESy Lab with VESy Health you now have true comprehensive Cadillac care.   We realize that Healthcare can be much more than medical care.

  • Medical
  • Fitness Care
  • Nutrition

So good healthcare requires

  • Access
  • Quality
  • Affordability

Historically it has been difficult to achieve all three of the key elements of good healthcare at the same time.  VESy Health now makes that available.

VESy Health Maximizes


No sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of sick patients


No time spent driving to and from the doctor’s office


Both telemedicine and the house call afford complete privacy


Our Concierge patients are seen same day or next day

We have 3 Tiers of VESy Health Memberships
  • Basic VESy Health: Includes unlimited telemedicine and $200 house calls – $166 / month.
  • Value VESy Health: Includes unlimited telemedicine, VESy Lab Membership, $150 house calls – $199 / month.
  • Premium VESy Health: Includes unlimited telemedicine, free house calls, VESy Lab Fitness membership with unlimited Pilates – $399 / month.
  • A’la cart tele-health call for non-members is $75

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